Journ3y - Bw3ll [Electronic bounce]

This track deserves to be reposted to Auxy’s soundcloud page. This track will pump anyone up no matter what genre you listen too. CHANGE MY MIND


sorry about that

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Yoooooo can I pls remix this track it’s insane

Sorry for the late response let me change the setting so you can download it. Again sorry for the late response.

Nah it’s oke

Have fun with remixing my track. let me know once you post it :smile:

Thanks but you haven’t post it right?

@anon8351189 where’s the project, you set you changed the setting but I can’t find the project

I’m not sure why it isnt working and I dont want to have to repost it unfortunatly.

I’m trying to find out another way

@Twizard I enabled it to let you download to Auxy, let me know if that works or not

Where can I download it

You gonna need to export a new link from the menu and either PM it to Twizard or paste the link here

@Twizard you can download it from my soundcloud just click the 3 little dots under the song you want to remix

That’s the audio, not the project. You can dm and send the project file

@Twizard What is your number or email so that I can share the project with you?