Join a discord server or not?

would it be in my best interests to join the discord or not?

  • Yes. We need you
  • No.

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Wait is there like an auxy group?

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I don’t fully understand it but I think @TheRealJFalc does. mind explaining it a bit?

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I’ve seen tons of drama created from peoples “discord’s”.

I mean if there’s just fighting all the time then I won’t take part. Wouldn’t be worth my time.


So Discord is just a chat service that you can make groups with.

The reason there’s a lot of drama from Discord is because a couple of people, who seem to like drama, made a lot of different Discord groups, and thus a bunch of problems ensued. There are other reasons, but that’s probably why you hear about it a lot.


Haha, and incidentally, the definition of “discord” is Tension or strife resulting from a lack of agreement; dissension.


I know right? XD.

What do you think though? would I get better known and be able to maybe cool down some tension? Or would it be a waste of time and make me annoyed at the uselessness of fighting over things that don’t matter.

I just got discord. How can I join the group?


There’s a server

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There’s like, six auxy discords that I’m in right now, I can dm you them

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Me also?

I wouldn’t say need. More like a want.

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Ehhh same difference.

Really though?

I believe the main argument for discord is its use for collabs. It’s easier to chat about it than exchange a bunch of emails… that’s the reason I’m using it at least. :ok_hand:t3:


Auxy Discords serve as a less structured way of casually talking with people without worrying about accidentally making off-topic posts etc. It’s also a lot easier to quickly communicate with people (despite the discourse being very quick to update posts) because it is structured as a text-group and not a forum or board.

So it might be in your interests to join if you see value in that. Otherwise it’s not that necessary.


Do I have to follow a link to get to the auxy chat or do I search it up on discord?

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Ya boi’s got a Discord server