JJX - Yellow Paper [Electro] (does it need anything?)

[This is not a colab.]Does this song need anything more to sound like ncs or monstercat

Sounds nice! I’m going to messily list some stuff you could add to it, and edit as I go along:

  • I think that a second drop would be great, with some different sounds (seeing as though you’ve used 10 out of the 20 slots). Therefore, the first drop could be cut down a little, maybe to 24 bars?

  • In the build-up, you use Masscara, and you automate it from lowpassed to normal. In my opinion it doesn’t sound too good about halfway through the build-up, as it sounds too “grimey” and distorted, so maybe consider changing that sound.

  • During the 15 bar section of the drop, the melody with Stress could be gradually built in, so it doesn’t come out of nowhere (if that makes any sense). Maybe use that melody in previous scenes at a quiet volume/build up the volume? Could even just reduce the volume of the melody all together.

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Alright I just finished this and i think i got it


Is the song called shade?

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This is it

I MiGhT cHaNgE iT

I renamed it origami paper
Or I’ll just call it folded
Or yellow paper

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Yellow paper


Is that your picture? Also, for cover art, you want to make it a square.

The paper’s white! LOL.


I might find a different pic IKR

Better pic now

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D a t F o n t

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You should align the font with the post its.

Change the font in general

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And then a hand drawn logo would be cool.

I am quite good at drawing