Jimmy T. - Melancholy (Plhector Mix) [Trap, Tango]

“Fiery tango with a dash of heartbreak”

Yes, you read that right! Trap and tango! I bet y’all never heard of that in never ever. This is also my first trap song…and tango so feedback is very much appreciated.
Please, enjoy! :>


So this was a flop : |

People tend to be on the slower side when taking the time to listen to songs :expressionless: (I’m no different tbh)
Tango and trap are genres that don’t blend in my mind, but I think you pulled it off well. Nice job!

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I have a question for anyone who listened to this. Do any of you live in Delaware?

No, but nice job blending the two together

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I liked it. First Tango I’ve heard on Auxy. Made me think of Narcos Mexico on Netflix.

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… what was your inspiration? I take it you can compose / arrange

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Not usually my kind of thing, but I liked it! Nice job.

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I noticed a lot of Nintendo related tags - I’d like to see what this would sound like with completely 8bit instrumentation. Drums and all. I wouldn’t change the composition. Just the instruments.

That said, neat - like a lot of people commented, not my bag really, but I can appreciate the work this took for sure.

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My inspiration was just tango music in general. I love tango and I thought—why not make tango enjoyable for people that don’t listen to tango?

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Maybe I’ll make another arrangement with 8bit sounds later on. There’s a project link if you’d like to change the instruments in Auxy. Maybe using the Game Waves pack would make it sound more 8bit.

Well, I hope it only reminds you of Narcos Mexico. I wouldn’t want to you to get inspired and start importing drugs