I've created a Patreon. Here's my advice for you:

Choosing to launch a Patreon to fund my work was a difficult choice. I am fully aware it’s nigh impossible to make a living producing music, but I thought I’d shoot my shot anyway. I’ve set my expectations accordingly. To put it in perspective, though, one month of Patreon support at the lowest tier would be more than I’ve made from music in stores in the last 5 months. And one person joining the highest tier I have available would make up for the pay I’m gonna miss this week thanks to being laid off due to the coronavirus.

However, I hate putting things behind a paywall. I’ve always had all of my music available for free online. But I decided not to put music behind a paywall with my Patreon. What I did was make creative opportunities available for my Patrons every month. I’m not limiting the people who aren’t Patrons, I’m supporting and aiding those who are. Things like monthly loop bundles, a massive bank of unused projects, personal advice, and even the opportunity to commission a song or collaborate make up the majority of my benefits.

So. My advice for when you make a Patreon is this: Know how much your time is worth. How much time are you gonna spend fulfilling your Patron’s benefits? Price those tiers accordingly. Also, don’t do too much for people. You might not be able to handle it. Appeal to a wide base of people. Not everyone supporting you is going to be a music producer(though I made the choice to ignore that myself since I’m hoping to get some support from you guys, haha). Make sure to communicate with these people. Your Patrons pay for the benefits you provide, so make sure you put your maximum effort into creating a product worth paying monthly for.

No pressure, but if you’d like to support me, you can go here: https://patreon.com/produkmusic


I’d love to support but not sure if I can right now. I will be working more in the summer so hopefully I can then

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