It's been a while!

Hey everybody, Mr. Anderson here. It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a post here, and even longer since I was actively involved on a regular basis. I love Auxy, but have been somewhat estranged from the community. That being said, I’d like to become more involved in the future.

There’s so much rising talent here that I’ve noticed that has really impressed me. I wish I could collaborate with everyone, but I often lack the time (and, frankly, the creativity) to complete so many projects. So I thought of a compromise. What if I just was available to give feedback on any project from any user at any time?

So, in an effort to get a little more involved here again, I would like to extend an open invitation to all of you to get feedback from me personally on anything you’re ever working on. Given the current situation with the coronavirus, I do have more free time in my schedule than I normally would, and I would be glad to answer music questions or give feedback on anything. Shoot me a dm, and I’d be glad to help!

Hope to hear from some of you soon!

Mr. A


Nice to see you back on the forum. Feels weird being the first to reply here but it’s all necessary to get the ball rolling haha

To be completely honest I may show up here with a track of mine from time to time— I haven’t been feeling so confident in my recent projects; in fact, I have a released track right here! I’ve gone back to auxy bass for this track in particular while trying to incorporate my own elements in there.

You’re doing a great favor, Mr. A! Can’t wait to see what you pull off in the future!


Dang thats a good track I’m looking forward to seeing what @MR_ANDERSON does with it


Welcome back @MR_ANDERSON Welcome home. Feel free to make The Heavens II. Or we can do it together.

Make sure to dm him :smiley: otherwise i think this thread will get very cluttered


This man is a genius, yes this please!


Really glad to see you back, @MR_ANDERSON :slight_smile:


Hello, it’s nice to see you back! c:


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Yes, how much would it cost for a critique in which you call my music “hot garbage”? Asking for a friend.