Isometric [Collab?]

So I usually mess around with auxy sounds. Now I’m planning to make a song and I figured that I could use some help from y’all.


Great effort, keep working on this and make it longer, then upload it to soundcloud and see where it goes

Thanks m8 will do.:raised_hands:

How bout now

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Sounds great! I suggest turning down the sweeper a tiny bit and making the build up snares pitch up – do you have experience from other daws? You seems talented.
Followed you on soundcloud to stay tuned

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No m8. Well I’m familiar with my sounds.

Well that was a fast work-through.


Can i remix it? Just send me the newer version

Hello m8 I’m actually working on a song rn dm if u wanna collab anyway here’s the project .

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I had aldready remixed it. (I don’t have old project).

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Here’s my remix ( it’s a bit more chill than the original)

It’s not bad if u could filter it more then could be worth an upload :grinning:

What do you mean by filter it.

Like in the beginning you started on with a calm and chill intro which led to an unexpected bass progression. What I’m trying to say is that u could do somethin with the transitions.

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How bout this. I gave it more flow. And made the bass slowly build up but still keep the chill factor.

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I like what you did
Good job m8 :clap:

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