ISOBEL - JL Music [Electronic]

The first track on the journey into a darker state of mind, inspired by the upcoming webcomic ISOBEL. Updates start on May 10th and will continue weekly until the end of the story. Please make sure to check out the webcomic, it’s quite good. Well worth the time to read.

In this post I am also making an announcement of the current state and direction of my music. As you all can see, I’ve made a second account for music, taking Akabil’s suggestion of having a different account for a drastically different style. Most of my music is light and easygoing, but for my new music, I’ve been craving a darker, grittier approach. A sense of doom and menace foreboding. For this, I’ve created JL Music, pronounced “Jay El”. As a direction and branding, it will be where I produce my new music. This does not mean that E/E is going away, rather, E/E will be where I continue to produce more light music, and enjoy a lighthearted stroll through sound experimentation.

I feel this shift is what my music has really needed. I need to move past my own barriers I placed around myself going forward, and I believe this will allow me to do so. I hope those of you who like my music will be pleasantly surprised with the change of direction, and those skeptical of my music will love the new direction it’s taking.



Just wanted to update the thread to say that the ISOBEL comic has officially begun, the entire first chapter is now up for viewing.

Please go make sure you check it out, especially if you liked the song ^w^

I loved the piano

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Thanks! I am happy with how it turned out as it really helped to set the tone for the entire song.

Interesting song!

Link has been updated to the current URL. Finally was able to reclaim my original URL for the account. Big thanks to soundcloud support for getting that straightened out with me ^w^