Is there room for any other genre other than EDM, Dubstep, Future Bass and Chill house


In one of his masterclass episodes, the legendary Hans Zimmer said “The interesting ideas come from some kid in a garage in the Bronx. You just need to break through the myth that you cant create a great Hollywood blockbuster on an iPad.”

In my opinion, Auxy has really changed the game for music production and has personally helped me wrap my head around production in ways I was unable to using software like Ableton. Practice over two to three years has really helped me developed my outputs in vast quantities and I really want to reach a wider audience when releasing my music, and I thought that starting with the Auxy community on here would be a good start.

There are current Auxy artists who get a great reach on SoundCloud and other platforms, but it seems that there is a lack of coverage for some genres with their being high traffic going towards artists producing EDM etc. I’d love to be able to listen to auxy artists who produce melodic techno and deep house, as well as offer feedback and collab with them. (If anyone knows of current artists in this genre send me towards their profile)

To debate, do people feel as though more genres will start to creep into the community over time as the app becomes more and more popular, or is it set in its ways forever? As a disclaimer I’d like to say that whilst some of the genres above are not something I would listen too, I can still appreciate the time, effort and skill that is required to produce music in general.


This has been mulled over extensively already - Not enough genre diversity

With that said, there’s plenty of people here not producing those genres. Myself, AKABillPosters, NotMiles, OP on that thread Tornait etc.

When sample import wasn’t a possibility I think this was more of a problem. At the end of the day though, when you have a grid sequencer and electronic sounds, people are gonna produce the music the platform is slanted to. Pick up any other app just like this, or even a hardware Groovebox, and between the patterns and presets it’s just what it’s best suited to write.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do other stuff. It’s certainly not. Is it easier to butter bread with a fork or a knife?

Also, all the genres you’ve listed are what’s popular right now - for the slightly older crew like me, we have no idea and frankly don’t care lol. As time goes on, all these genres will be replaced by something else as the new “hot item”. I don’t doubt it will have some underpinning in a four on the floor dance beat because - people just like it :slight_smile: they have since the disco days and beyond.


Yeah, you have a point there. When I started using the app, I originally thought I would be restricted to just EDM or electronic genres because of the instruments that I had. (This was before the introduction of the guitar, horns, destiny, game waves, and boom bass packs. I also didn’t have all of the sound packs at the time, like the pianos or RAC essentials.)

However, as I learned more about the app and got the premium subscription, and in the process, acquired the new sounds, I began to realize that you can make much more than just EDM. There are plenty of examples of tracks in the community that don’t necessarily fit into EDM. I have seen plenty of dubstep, lo fi, chill, etc. tracks on SoundCloud. I have even made some jazz tracks, using the pianos and horns, as well as some softer percussion and swing.

For now, I think EDM and other electronic genres are more popular because they were easier to make in the past and gained a stronger foothold. However, as the community continues to expand, and more peoples’ music is spread around, I’m sure that we will see more and more tracks of various, different genres pop up and become popular. In my opinion, it’s just a matter of time. Also, with all the new samples and things like that, more people may be inclined to experiment with a track or two in a new genre. Eventually, I think that as people gain skill in making different types of tracks, more of them will pop up and get recognized.


I’m finding ways to bring new genres to AUXY, like rock and probably soundtrack and ambience


You could even create Moviescore with some of the new soundpacks


I know plenty of artists who have used Auxy, including myself, who have branched out to other genres. This conversation certainly has been addressed before. I don’t think that the genres that “Auxy users” create in are limited to the four you’ve listed at all. There’s plenty of variety out there.


I think auxy used to be pretty limited in what genres you could produce pretty easily, but over time, and with the addition of new sounds every month, that’s been changing. It was always difficult to find a good kick sound for DnB type stuff, but now with the new kit collection, it’s def much easier to get that sound for those genres


I mainly produce dnb and I know there are a select few who do. I agree that the genres that you’ve mentioned have been produced by the masses on Auxy, with that said if it’s what people enjoy producing then they should produce that genre. I love dnb and wish more people would have a go but that’s down to preference.


One of the factors influencing the popularity of certain electronic dance genres amongst the Auxy users is the fact that it’s a mobile/tablet app.

That fact alone will account for a significant skewing towards younger users. With younger users you get a skewing towards popular genres of the day. Youth, being energetic, means that’s likely to have a strong dance/danceable music presence.

The older generations still disproportionately discount mobile/tablet as a platform for getting real things done.
If you’ve been making music for many years, your workflow habits typically developed before mobile/tablet was a viable option. You’re unlikely to switch to using mobile.

If you’re older and just starting out, you’re less likely to think of mobile/tablet as the platform through which to explore and develop your interest in music making.

Just another reason why Auxy is, and might always be, skewed towards popular (dance) music genres of the day.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just the nature of the beast.

As @icsleepers says, there are a few here creating tracks outside the genres you list. It’s doable. It’s not always easy, but you can create some quite effective pieces in other genres.


I’m 29 and this is the only app I use to produce music, I’m a newcomer to music production and do not use any other DAW.



complete sentence


I switched from FL to Auxy and I still use both. The main reason is so I can have time to make music when I’m not at my PC


Yeah, same boat. FL/Reason to Nanostudio (RIP) / Auxy / Gadget / GarageBand etc. Mostly out of necessity though (kids, long commute etc - you ever try to use a laptop on a train with a bunch of plus size people sitting around you, and by around I mean on top of you? Yeah no.)


I suspect you’re in a very small minority when it comes to travel in that direction (assuming you’re talking about FL for desktop).

As I’ve mentioned previously, I recognise that Auxy still stands amongst the best options for music making on the go (where convenience and getting stuff down and initially developed are the priority). :+1: