Is it weird to work on an old song?

I recently want to finish this song I started about a month or 2 ago. But I think it’s woerd because if I post it after my recent song it will be wierd and I feel like it should be before my new songs… idk please help

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Nope. Not at all!

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Okay awesome!

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No it’s not weird it’s cool to be able to finish an old track

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No way man. I do this lots.

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I did it with a couple songs but I let weird about it but now u guys gave me feedback I won’t mind :slight_smile:

Yeah besides, no one knows it’s old only you would

Make an album called Old but New

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Yeah tahts why I hate it

I usually put the date for when I first created it in the title. For example my song dreams which I put brackets saying (made in March)

How is this not a poll… @Produk



Five years ago I made a track. It was awful when it comes to instruments, but the melody was quite nice.
Then I spent five years doing absolutely nothing with music, but that track was unfinished for me, so this year I decided to get back to it and “close the case”.
So I made it a little shorter, I gave it a better “sound” and now you can hear it as

To sum up: no, it’s not weird to work on an old song :slight_smile:

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same here, I’ve got plenty of old stuff in my hard drive, some of it about 10 years ago. Since I knew nothing about music production back than it was just basic brainstorming stuff / musical ideas. And I love browsing through them today to either use parts in a new song or finish them after all.

That’s your musics journey my man. Honor the past and embrace progress :slight_smile:

If that’s not motivational, i don’t know what is… :smirk:

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Nope. I still go back and work on my first song sometimes

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Is poll overuse?

Lmao I just finished the song that this post was dedicated to. I created it about two months ago and finished it now. Here it is

I am going to be realeasing my very first song again so that I can see how much I have improved.