Is It Important to interact?


I was personally wondering what the Auxy community thinks of this question:
Is it important to interact with your audience? I ask this because most SoundCloud producers that have a lot of followers don’t seem to respond to comments or interact with their audience.

What are your thoughts?




Like with anything, you can bet your rear end that communicating with people only makes you stronger and to prevent backlash. Just don’t do what Lenberg did when he abruptly released Auxy 5 without letting anyone know.

At least all of us can learn, even those who made the mistake


This is a very good question. The short answer is, yes–it’s crucial to interact with not only your own audience but other music producers you don’t even know yet! But why?

Assuming you want to pursue music production beyond the initial level of just doing it purely for yourself as a trivial hobby, it’s really important to build your network of like minded people, be it other producers, label heads, fans, just generally nice people, etc. You’re definitely right that while SoundCloud is a good networking site / streaming platform hybrid, most genuine interaction between people happens elsewhere such as Discord, Facebook, etc.

So, if you haven’t already, try and seek out personalized connections with your fans and other artists; maybe send them a message or two every couple days just to check in, ask them how they’re doing, collaborate, whatever it be. Just maintain a positive mutual flow between yourself and other people and you’ll build a truly engaged audience that cares about what you do and is inclined to support you. :slight_smile:


You spelt ‘IRL’ wrong… :wink:


I think it is. Frankly a lot of producers think they’re in a higher position than their audience. Don’t do that. If people have taken the time to enjoy your music, take the time to respond


What is irl? I have no social life so I wouldn’t know


Hah, I wish. Reality is that with the varying geography of everyone, especially with music production, building connections starts online for a lot of people. Which I don’t think is a bad thing, either. :wink:

Not to say that in-person connections aren’t important either… they most certainly are. I wouldn’t say they’re the best first step, however, especially for the dominant demographic of this forum.


Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Extremely yes.


This is a no-brainer. I mean, there’s a reason I started adding comments to my tracks about how I built them up. Engagement is key to success. A man cannot build a castle alone, lest he have brothers to bake the bricks and caulk them.


I think it’s important to interact, but even more important to focus on making good music. Just focusing within the Auxy community you hardly see Austin Haga or Decruz on here, but they have some of the biggest followings because they make really good music. Interacting could probably help them get even more, but then again maybe not because that would take time away from producing.

Also one thing I’ve noticed on SoundCloud is that there are some people who interact a ton and follow lots of people, and they end up getting a large quantity of followers back. But their followers aren’t the most dedicated followers, and sometimes they’ll only get a few plays on their tracks.

So yeah, I think interacting can help, but don’t think interacting alone will be able to jumpstart your success.


Make good music. Interact more.
(i should take my own advice.)


Definitely agree that they’re skilled producers–though I’d have to say, realistically I think it’s also because they’re featured on places like the app feed which is essentially de facto publicity to thousands of people. Sure, they’re featured because of their high production quality but the traffic still stems from the feed exposure rather than just having people drawn to them for their talent. :slight_smile:


Yes, and from that, it seems like it’s a little unfair to the lesser known peoples, that even if they are hidden gleaming gems, they just won’t get as much of a follower base than if they were to get that extra publicity…

But you have a point— I’d rather take years to be discovered by a few and get a loyal base, than to get a massive net in a short timespan.


I mean yeah, Decruz definitely disappeared, but I try to pop on the forum when I can. Thing is, the more followers you get, the harder and harder it becomes to communicate in a way that pleases everyone. I can’t spend all my time responding to every comment I get; it’s simply unreasonable. Plus, I feel like it’s nessecary to consider the level of “professionality” of the average auxy producer. Many of us aren’t in it for the money (taking into account the average demographic is probably in their teens), which can justify not being super active outside of actual music creation, because there’s just no need at the time. But, like it’s being said, if you want to engage your followers and grow your fan base, interaction is quite a beneficial factor.
However, life and making the actual music are also quite beneficial, so it’s important to balance them out. :slight_smile:


While the feed definitely creates exposure; there are plenty of tracks in this community with a reasonably large play count that don’t have a feature. If being featured on the feed is a negative thing, then I’d argue that a label or collective is promoting things in a strikingly similar way: They’re both used to promote one’s music over another, and if you don’t believe me, try to name 3 successful labels or collectives that promoted every single thing submitted. it’s unlikely one can gather a career-worthy amount of plays from interaction alone… (of course, the feed doesn’t gather “career-worthy” plays either, so it’s possible that’s not the best example :sweat_smile:)