Is Auxy dead ? Is Auxy Alive?

Fun fact, the Apple AppStore initially wasn’t going to be open to third party developers (Steve’s vision was web apps anyway), and then they finally opened it up to anyone and look how large of a revenue stream that is. I’m definitely not saying opening it up will make a bucket of money, but it will spur folks to create their own content for the platform which others will consume, and there’s a lot of power behind that model. It’s exactly why some folks make a nice side hustle just making presets for different plugins out there - people want more sounds, and the more entry paths in, the better.


Hey! Happy to announce that Auxy is not dead! :metal:

Apologise for the lack of communication and agree we could be better at managing expectations! We’re still fully committed to supporting and maintaining the app. I’ve been testing it on iOS 14 and everything seems to work as it should. As soon as we hear of any issues, we’ll make sure to fix them and submit an update right away. As usual, let us know via in case you find anything.

Btw. you’re always welcome to drop an email with your questions and we’ll be quick to respond, usually the same day. A lot of people do that, and to me this seems like a more constructive approach than posting your speculations in the forum. :hugs:

We’re not working on any big updates for Auxy at the moment. There are two reasons for this:

One is that we don’t think that the app would be a lot better with any particular feature added. Rather, we feel like maybe we have added too much stuff in it already. I know you can make great arguments for why you need a lot more features, like audio recording, a synth engine, plugins, you name it. These are all great (sometimes crucial) features for music making. I’m just saying that it’s not straightforward to add them to the current concept that is Auxy.

So this brings us to reason number two. Rather than adding more and more stuff, we feel like making an app that incorporates these additional features would be better off as a new project. Maybe it should be a do-it-all kind of app, or maybe it should be a variety of tools focused on specific use cases. Regardless, building a (good and powerful) music app is a massive undertaking, and we frankly don’t feel like it’s worth our effort. I could write a longer post about this, but unfortunately it’s not a great investment to make music apps for mobile only.

I know some of you will be disappointed to hear that there’s not going to be a version 7 that is going to blow your mind and take your music to the next level. I’m a gear nerd myself so I know the excitement over new stuff. What it boils down to, though, is that more features are neither gonna get a lot more people to make music, nor make the music that you make a lot better. These are the things we care about, and if we don’t feel that we can move the needle on these, we’re not that excited about making a huge effort just to make Auxy a little bit better.

We have a bunch of sound packs in the pipeline though and they will show up soon…


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years of being an iOS music app consumer, it’s that this is very true. Most devs are doing it as a labor of love, just pure passion. I’m pretty sure even larger companies are taking a loss on their mobile divisions (there’s no way Steinberg is making a ton of money on Cubasis, or KORG on Gadget - etc).

Anyway, thanks for dropping a line. More than anything I think that’s most appreciated - that’s really all folks want.


Fwiw, I’d be interested in reading that post.


Honestly, I feel like this thread comes up every so often in the Auxy Community (it’s been coming up more often recently) in one form or another. I think it’s time to stop complaining and criticizing, and instead, it’s time to make a decision. For some people, the features Auxy offers are enough and the promise of sound packs and the right to use most sound packs is enticing enough for them to continue to use the app, despite a confirmation that we won’t be getting any more major updates. For me, personally, it’s not. I’ve had a great time with auxy, and I’ve had it from the start. I will continue to use the app to sketch, especially since I originally purchased all the available sound packs when that was a thing, so I should still be able to use them. It’s going to be a hard transition to more advanced DAWs, but if we don’t take the step we’ll never get there.

Everyone is free to make their own choice, but I just want to thank Auxy for the memories and for getting me into production. I hope to finish a few more tracks and move on. Good luck on your music everyone! :hugs:


Hi, @Auxy. Thanks for chiming in.

If the app will be focused on sound packs going forward, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the idea of opening up sound pack creation to users and 3rd parties mentioned previously.

It seems like an option that might help Auxy flourish further without substantial enhancements to the app itself – e.g. not focusing on the app, but focusing on building up the ecosystem around the sound packs.

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i couldn’t see auxy with huge features like a custom synth anyway, of course i think that would be totally wicked but it would feel out of character for auxy given that it’s more minimal rather than a full-on DAW. i assume this means that other smaller features are still on the table like saving custom kits to the preset list and the ability to automate more things like highpass and distortion parameters etc. i hope neither of these fall into the category of a “big update” because they seem reasonably sized but that’s not really my call to make.

anyway, it’s good that we have some clarity on what’s going on and the fact that packs are still a thing is good to know too, i am excited to see what they are! and i hope the dev team have been okay throughout the pandemic too.

(edit) to further clarify, does this mean that no further features will be added at all, or will they just be small and come as quality of life improvements?


@Auxy Thanks for responding, dude! Glad to hear you lot are still workin’ away, hopefully y’all have been safe!

Here’s hoping the packs are a bit more diverse with sounds, yeah? ;D

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Can I have a drill pack with a slide of 808s & a drink of brass hits?

Don’t we already have that?


Just a McDonald’s joke lmao

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I just want tiny QoL improvements, that’s all.

Opening a project while sorting by recent and then returning to the browser should not scroll you to the top and highlight the project, furthermore, it should not scroll anywhere. Why? Because iOS has the native feature of tapping the status bar to instantly scroll you to the top of any page.


What does Auxy even mean?

Curious to know what features you would expect to see in a music making app with the word “Pro” in the name (afaik the only significant music app that labels itself as ‘Pro’.)

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i think the “pro” is to distinguish between the two auxy apps given that this one has more features than auxy jam

I accept that was the intent, but imo, they came unstuck and made things worse by not choosing a better way to delineate between the two.

‘Auxy Studio’ would have continued to work fine alongside ‘Auxy Jam’, so why change it to ‘Pro’ and foster incorrect expectations around the capabilities and future development of the app — while knowing that ‘Pro’ features were never really part of the plan?

The mixed signals and extended silences from the Auxy team has only exacerbated the discontent.

(I also disagree with Lenberg on where is best to raise these questions. The company’s own user forum is one of the first places users would reasonably expect to be able to engage with a company.
I think part of the problem is that the mods here have no better access to insider knowledge than the average user, so queries about the team and the app can’t be answered by anyone here on a regular basis, incl. mods. So, they build up.

At the very least, they could have announced here that email was a preferred channel.)

All that said, it’s better now that users have some clarity. They can now make a more informed decision about where Auxy might sit in their future workflows.

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We would love to let people make sounds and this is actually something we’ve been trying to come up with a solution for. The tricky part is that the tool we use to make the sounds is far from a release-ready app. And making sounds with it is quite complicated. Plus, using samples adds another layer of complexity. And then we have additional tools to convert the sounds into a format that the app can handle and that can live on our server etc.

We have also tried to convince certain plugin makers to let us use their synths in the app, but they don’t seem to care since we’re such small company. The idea was to allow people to make sounds with a commercially available app, and that these sounds would also work in Auxy.


Great that you looked into it.
From some older comments and screenshots on the forum, it’s clear that the synth interface is a bit gnarly.
So, how about access to a limited number of dedicated, nerdy users, as a way to get some new material flowing and testing how the process might scale up? An invite-only pilot programme for those who wouldn’t mind slogging through a warts-n-all synth interface/process?

Smaller features are definitely on the table, although some small features are unfortunately big projects. Saving custom kits is a tricky project unfortunately. Automating more things is more straightforward, but it’s unclear if adding a lot more options there would actually make the app better.