Is Auxy dead ? Is Auxy Alive?

A topic for thinking about what the team dev is doing ? Auxy Pro for MacOs or something else ? What’s your feelings ?
I’m a bit scared about the end of Auxy :confused:


It’s a possibility, I haven’t seen the devs taking about Auxy in a While so maybe

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What is the dev team doing?

Nothing. Why? because why would he *ahem* ‘they’? He’s already got what he wants with the current features.

He’s playing with other projects and doing the bare minimum to keep Auxy ticking over as a revenue generator.

I’ve cancelled by annual subscription and won’t be renewing once the remainder of my annual sub expires. As far as mobile stays part of my workflow, I’ll be moving to something more capable, possibly for more money.


Nope. That’ll only happen when Apple Macs/MacBooks with the new Silicon chips are launched, which supports iOS natively.

As mentioned above, if they were planning a Mac OS version, we’d hear about it.
Besides, it actually goes against Lenberg’s central belief that mobile is the only platform worth targeting.


I don’t want auxy to die😭 I started literally four months ago😞

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It seems to be dead from a development perspective, but the app still works great and most people’s tracks are still up.


Till you update to iOS 14, maybe…

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As long as the app is making money I don’t see any reason for the devs to take down the app, however, there hasn’t been much of any updates in a while, so I guess you’ll just have to hope they’re going to update it for the new iOS when it drops.


He’s dead, Jim.

Maybe. No pack last month. Last time they missed a pack, Lenberg told me they just meant within a one month span of each other, but this time it’s been well over a month. No communication from the devs. I don’t know what to expect.


Same here

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frick I don’t want the app gone :pleading_face: I don’t want to move to fl studio cuz that’s like 200 dollars. Ableton is way to expensive too. hopefully the devs don’t take down the app

I don’t know but I think it might be time to move on. Auxy is becoming insufficient for me and the tracks I make never seemed to have this before but now they all seem to sound similar, less mastered, complex, and interesting than tracks from other daws. Admittedly it is much harder to sketch ideas and make things quickly on other DAWs but I can easily use auxy just for sketching chords and stuff and then use good instruments and stuff on other daws. I have ableton but I’m bad at it. I’m wondering if Fl is worth it. I don’t know but I think ableton might be a good place to start. Even if it takes a while to get used to it. It’s hard to do it but I think cancelling my auxy subscription might be the move sometime soon.


I feel the same way

Can confirm the app still works in iOS 14


If you want to, this would definitely be sufficient reason to complain and/or ask for a refund.


Cool - historically, full version updates Bork SO much. Depending on what Apple changes under the hood. Not exclusively an Auxy problem, it’s just scary when you don’t know if things are being kept up, and then suddenly Apple makes changes that breaks existing code bases but the dev of whatever app doesn’t update.

This is one of my biggest gripes with the platform.

I think regardless of whether or not Auxy is “dead” or “alive”, my faith in the developers’ ability to maintain a basic level of relations with their customer base, and consequently their ability to run a stable company that functions in a service-based industry, is irreparably destroyed (with the current state of the app serving more as a tipping point than as the primary cause). At this point I can say with somewhat reasonable confidence that the recurring and sustained radio silence (at least in the current instance) is more of an act of negligence than a necessity brought upon by a time of crisis, substantiated in my mind by this twitter post from less than a week ago.

You’re welcome to draw your own conclusions, but it looks to me like Lenberg is pursuing other newly conceived development endeavors despite not having even logged into the Auxy community forum since late August (Fredrik is a complete mystery to me). For a frequently recurring subscription based service such as Auxy, this to me does not constitute as an acceptable standard for business-to-customer communication (I challenge any of you to name any other subscription based services that you use that share this level of communication between business and client–I’m willing to bet the list is short if not non-existent).

To circle back to the original question, the app is in a completely functional state and is not delisted from the App Store so I would definitely say it’s not “dead”… does it have a clear and stable future? Maybe not. At this rate without any changes in how things are run (which I hope not to be the case) I think it’ll follow a path analogous to Adobe Flash later this year; out of support, but not out of commission, at least until even support from the most loyal users dwindle off and they move onto something else.


(I noticed the @Fredrik account doesn’t seem to work now, and he is no longer on )


I’d just like to note to you and everyone that there’s many really good less expensive than desktop DAW options on iOS for folks who aren’t really interested in using a desktop for production, or don’t have the funds for those packages.

A lot of people seem to think that Auxy is the end all be all, like they’ve never really opened the AppStore and looked around.

Frankly it’s a little baffling…

Nothing is wrong with Auxy as it is, but if people aren’t getting what they want out of it (or any app) it seems logical to look elsewhere.


I disagree that mobile studios are capable of competing with desktop daws to an extent. Although there is some pretty nice software on mobile for music production, the interface is naturally more limited simply due to the smaller capacity and capability of a mobile device. That’s why a good PC can cost thousands but mobile devices don’t usually cost more than a thousand even when brand new. Yes there are plenty of mobile daws out there with great things to offer. But personally, I think that, as I remember you might have said sometime, Auxy skills aren’t transferable to any other daw (except medley which doesn’t count) so if I’m going to start fresh, I might as well start on something that is the industry standard rather than spend forever looking for jewels on the App Store. I won’t deny that mobile studios have potential to close the gap between mobile and desktop producing in the future but it simply hasn’t reached that point yet. Believe me, I’ve spent a long time looking for daws on mobile, that’s how I even found auxy (The very original) in the first place and so I find it fair to say that my time with auxy is coming to a close and it is time to open a new chapter; one where I make the challenging but hopefully rewarding step towards desktop production. And I also agree with @Arimyth 100%. There’s no reason to be paying monthly for an app whose developers don’t come onto their own app anymore. They don’t maintain it and they don’t do any more updates or sound packs. The few packs that have been released most recently are undeniably subpar to what past packs have set that standard at. I don’t think people should be paying monthly for a service that doesn’t provide what it promised. Especially in a subscription, the primary motivation factor is the fact that people want frequent updates and changes, otherwise, why not make a one time purchase and have every feature you want as well as relatively consistent updates that a desktop DAW could provide. It is simply unrealistic to stay on auxy’s subscription model for so long. But that’s just my opinion. Everyone can do what they want and I think that I do agree that when something no longer appeals to you or is not good enough for you, you shouldn’t stay with it, you should go out and look for something new that works for you.


Quick question for everyone here who’s unhappy with the situation…

Have you left a review on the iOS App Store?

That’s likely to be the only place where commenting matters, because that impacts ranking, promotion and downloads, which in turn impacts revenue.

If you do leave a review, be honest. There are plenty of valid points to mention, many of them mentioned in this thread.