iPhone Ringtone REMIX (Hip Hop)




I feel like the beat is 1 or 2 bars off. Not sure if intended but the rest of it is awesome

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With a little more variation this could be a banger
Good work tho :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks my mates! :smiley:

@XLXK As I listen to the og iPhone ringtone (opening), I hear it lines up to my piece. I think you are correct as most sheet music has it notated differently.

Can I have a swing at Remixing this?

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Sure! You don’t need to credit me for the melody as it’s obviously not mine, but please do for the drums if you use them.

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Can you send the file, it’s not allowing me to download it

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Yo, this is :fire:

I agree totally with @Fuujiya, with some variation this would be that much more of a banger :raised_hands:

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Sure! I’ll DM anyone who wants to remix it tomorrow. Yesterday and today were pretty busy.