iPhone 12 audio glitch

We have noticed an audio glitch on iPhone 12 devices that we are trying to fix. It happens every thirty seconds and briefly interrupts the audio. Would be great to know if the same glitch happens on any of the following devices as well:

iPhone 12 Mini
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max

Let us know if you use Auxy with any of these devices and can confirm whether it has the glitch every thirty seconds or not!


(iphone 12 pro max) i have experienced something similar to how you have described: when my phone is charging. there is no glitched audio when it isnt charging. i think it occurs every 30 seconds like you mentioned. it is like a brief skip in the audio

If anyone would be willing to spot me an iPhone 12, any flavor, I’ll happily test this out :sunglasses:

I cross posted this to AC to see if there are any folks though.

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Can you verify and check if it’s 30 seconds and whether it happens when charing as well as not?

iPhone 12 user, can confirm. However, the bug isn’t present for me when I connect into Bluetooth Headphones, Only wired connections.

Thanks! Great to know. Will send out a new beta soon with a workaround for this that you can test.

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Sounds good :ok_hand:



definitely seems like every 30 seconds, in a project that is 30s long it happened once every play-through. i have not experienced this aside from when my phone is on charge. bluetooth headphones dont seem to be causing it, it also occurs when playing out the phone speakers. whilst i dont have any wired headphones compatible with my phone due to the lack of an appropriate port im assuming that the same would happen if i were to use them. hope this is helpful

This also happens on the iPhone 11 Pro Max FYI. It’s not limited to iPhone 12. It’s been happening on my 11 Pro Max since at least iOS 14.

Ok. Good to know and sorry for the inconvenience!

Great if you can install the beta above and see if it helps. The current version only have a fix for iPhone 12 specifically, but we can extend that to more devices in an upcoming build.