Ipad broke, can't make music

My ipad mini has recently suffered a hardware issue that now prevents me from being able to work on music with Auxy entirely. For the first time in years, I haven’t made a single music track in two months.
Hoping to get an ipad pro in the coming months, which will allow me to continue making music again. Mostly just hoping that my ability to make music won’t suffer from this extended and unplanned break. I have a feeling, however, that once I get the ipad, I’ll find myself making music nonstop for a short period of time, and manage to get out the largest number of tracks I’ve managed to make in a short period of time since back when I started out.

Don’t really know why I’m bothering to talk about it here, so feel free to ignore this.


I hope you can make up for the lost time when you got the new Ipad!

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get a used iOS device asap :four_leaf_clover: it doesn’t need to be an iPad Pro

I don’t got much money, nor do I make much, so I can only really afford to get one new device. I’m also going for an ipad pro since it’s one of the best drawing tablets on the market, so getting it will allow me to kill two birds with one stone. Plus I might get the opportunity to get back into some photography since it’s also got a really good camera.


i’d rather use a temporary device than to stop doing what I love entirely and at this point iPad Pro isn’t the only Apple Pencil compatible iPad. iPad Mini 5th gen, some iPad standard and iPad Airs are compatible too as well as used iPad Pros.

Haha I think Nindota is welcome to make the choice that they feel best suits their needs/wants in the long-term…

Hope you can get into the flow again once you can get your hands on the new iPad either way^^

I saw this, and I hope you can get a new iPad! You’ve missed out on collab opportunities, a new official Auxy pack (and another one in just 6 days), and much more (unless you have a new iPad now).

I’m about $800Cad off from it currently (partially thanks to the increase in price of the latest one, and lack of option to purchase last year’s model from Apple’s website)

Still haven’t made nearly enough to get that new ipad, however, my grandmother just got a new ipad and gave me her old one, which just so happens to be the same model as the one I previously had.
In other words, I can finally make music again!