Introducing Auxy Demo (4.0)

If anyone remembers the OG Introducing Auxy Demo from the OG app (now discontinued) then they will feel the nostalgia from my remake/remix. I tried really hard to make it true to the original without changing too much. I remember the first time I heard it when I discovered the app, I knew NOTHING about music production, and I was so confused with how it worked, so I deleted the app when I needed the space and then I completely forgot about it. Now, I completed the circle, I delete other apps so I that I can keep Auxy and I know A LOT about music production. I used all the new features and base instruments (this is on Beta) so that… (maybe it can be featured as a demo in the app to show its potential to new users xD don’t tell anyone) I can showcase them :slight_smile:.

I humbly present to you, in honor of the Auxy devs, Introducing Auxy Demo.


Wow I like how you added a little more instruments along with the original, and the titles you made for the loops!
I’ve actually made a remake of the same demo from the original Auxy, and the only difference is the instruments used. You can check out my version if you’d like:
(PS: I still have the original version on my iPad)

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Lit fam!!


I remember doing that ages ago!


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i’m confused, wat is this beta word i keep seeing? wat does it mean? also, is ther more then one auxy app?

Yes, beta is a version for testing, when an update is in the works

ohhhhh ok i get it… thank yoUu! :100:

“H E L L O A N D W E L C O M E T O A U X Y”
beautifully aestheticized <3