Introducing Auxy 6: Big Updates to Instruments and Effects

We’re excited to share this major update that will take your instruments to the next level!

What’s New:

  • Lots of new options for tweaking sounds and effects
  • All sounds can now have distortion, chorus and EQ
  • All drum kits can now have delay, distortion, compressor, EQ and ducker
  • Delay amount can now be set individually for each sample
  • Notes and automation can now be moved freely when editing
  • Sounds and samples can now be browsed by category
  • Samples can now be imported straight from other apps
  • We have fixed a number of bugs and issues

Updating Sounds in Existing Projects

Your existing projects will use the same sounds as before and you will have an option to update each sound and unlock the new options via the tweak panel. Note that there’s no need to update sounds unless you want to continue working on a project with the new sound options. If you’re happy with a project, you risk messing up your mix when updating a sound since the new version will behave differently. It’s better to create a new project and start exploring the new versions.

Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments below! Hope you like it!


oh my lord this is amazing


I’ve been moving away from Auxy recently but I’m glad to see a new update!

This should inspire some new ideas for me


I just updated the app and I was really surprised at how huge this update is
Not only were effects added, but they have very in-depth parameters to the shape the sound even further.

I currently use FL Studio to make most of my music because it gives me more options when I am producing, but (for me) I think this update makes Auxy function as more of a preset-based synth (like nexus or FL’s new synth, FLEX) rather than a DAW, but it still has some features of a DAW. This is really useful, and I think it could be used in a professional producer’s workflow. especially if Auxy was available for PC as a VST

Overall, I think you guys did an awesome job. I’m not switching back from FL, but I think I might be using Auxy as a part of my producing workflow more often now

Thanks for this awesome update!


Thanks for your input! Glad to hear this comment cause we definitely encourage using different tools and bringing Auxy along as a sketchpad even if you’re using a DAW.


When will it be released on the app?

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Let me put this here again in case you’re wondering when the update will be released. If it’s not showing up you can try restarting your App Store app, and Safari, and then search for Auxy and perhaps get the update from the app page. I.e. unless you want to wait for it to appear in the updates list.



I don’t get this. Does it mean I’ll lose all my projects, all my songs with recent sounds and samples will be changed to really old sounds? Or do you mean something else…

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thank-you guys! every time I google Auxy and see no news I go to the app and there is always a new sound pack or update! It’s like my intuition notifying me of exciting new things & every time I am surprised :joy:. Thank-you guys, aaahhh! I’m so excited to learn new things and grow as an artist. Ya’ll awesome!!


no! only update the instruments individually if you want to enhance the quality of the sounds and the way you can tweak them, but it may affect the sound if you already thought they were perfect, in that case leave them alone, updating the app with not automatically upgrade the sounds, that is option and individual


Omg the best udapte ever !!! :0000000


Oh my goodness Christmas came early this year. :heart_eyes:


question : when I do this to Pixel in one project will it effect Pixel the instrument moving forward in all future projects or is it project by project?

I know ya’ll are busy so answer when you can, again thank-you!


When you edit a sound, it will only edit that instance of the sound. I.e. when you load the sound for another instrument or project, it will load the default settings. However, if you tweak a sound, change to another sound, and then change back, it will remember the edits made for the specific instrument. Makes sense?


Ayyy this is some good stuff
nice work

Why can’t I do tone?

Can we add an option to set the shape of an instrument and a bouton for reset the settings of an instrument ?

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Awesome! This update will definitely take auxy to the next level! Can’t wait til’ it drops!!!

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You can download it on the App Store now. I just did it.

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