Introduce Yourself!

Hey guys! So I thought it’d be cool to get to know each other a little more, so here’s a place where we can introduce ourselves to other Auxy members.

My name is Andrew Adams, and I’m an 18 year old from Iowa. I love making upbeat exciting EDM tunes in Auxy, and hope to make some Christian vocal songs in the future. Here’s the link to my SoundCloud profile:

Besides Auxy I enjoy soccer, running, chess, writing, and piano.

What about the rest of you? :slight_smile:


Hey everybody! My name is Chip and most of you know me as Stereofield. I’ve used Auxy for 2.5 years and have made countless songs with it (you probably don’t want to know about the earlier songs…). I’m also a graphic designer and programmer. I made and my profile picture, as well as a lot of other people’s SoundCloud cover and album art.

Here are my links:
P.S. I’m trying to grow my Spotify presence a lot, and I would really appreciate if you would take 5 seconds to click the link and follow me :smiley:


Hello! My name is Evan Wright, also known as revanty.

I am 16 years old and a beginner in creating music, and have always been fascinated in the creation of music and art. I recently found auxy and love the app, and would love to make good music with it, but as I learned recently, it’s harder than it looks (sounds), so I’m still trying to learn how to make a good melody, beat, composition, etc.

What I think would be helpful is if someone could make auxy lessons on various parts that make a good song. I would love that!

My favorite music is from Monstercat and ninety9lives, and would say that my favorite genre is house or trance.

Have a nice day!

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Hey guys I’m a guy that uses Auxy




Me too!!!



hey, im anechoik!
i’ve been with the auxy community since the first ipad version released. i can produce tracks in varieties of genres. but now, i usually make futurebass. i never knew how to make music… now i feel like a PRO making music! thank you auxy.


check out my latest track, and feel free to leave comments, support would mean so much!


My name is Hip, Hip Drop. Some people call me Lucas. I’m native to Australia and use auxy to create sonic art. My passion is music. I love. Music. I like to think I pioneered the creation of Melbourne bounce with Auxy. Because I’m Australian I think it’s kinda relevant to my life. But then again someone else may have done it before me, they probably did. I have a dog named Cookie and a phone named Jonno. Peace out



I’m Danny ( aka Intrepid) and I’m so happy to spill out my life to random people on the internet. When I was a lad, I grew up in the wilderness. We lived in a cottage by the sea and my father taught me how to ride a stallion named Montoya. I then was introduced to a sultry maiden. We walked for miles at a time on the beach together and I finally decided to make the next move. One thing led to another and now I’m on Auxy disco. What a life it’s been:)

(jk) My trifecta is music, gaming, and food. But hey, I did end up on Auxy disco <3


Sounds like a typical auxy producer life story


Hi, I don’t have a name.

I’m a kiwi who lives in California. I enjoy making ambient and house, but I don’t think I’m very good at it. It’s a shame too, I’ve been using Auxy since late 2015. Well, I think I’m getting better, so that’s pretty cool.
I hope you enjoy my music as much as I enjoy making it.
My hobbies are playing Destiny, biking, and eating food.

Food is tasty.



My name is Michael Raskin or my sc is RTR. I have a lot of great ideas to share and feel really passionate about what auxy is doing here and have to be a huge impact on it. I love to mountain bike, create music( I played guitar for 9 years now I do auxy), play overwatch, I also create photography mostly of nature. I’m 17 years old, live in California, and I have been using auxy since the first version of auxy came out.

P.s. I hope in the future the original sounds get on the “new” version of auxy such as elevator because I love those sounds.


Hello, I’m LilSpikes. That’s my name.
I’ve been using Auxy since last September, still a beginner in music making.
I found that there are so many talented and inspiring producers in this community and I really appreciate that.
I like to talk to people from abroad. I think music helps me. Music rules the globe, I guess.
English is not my mother tongue, btw.
Also I like sweets, beer, and my dogs( not for eating). Somehow I have 7 Pomeranians in my house.

Always welcome to remix my works!


Great thread and really nice that you’re sharing links to your profiles! Make sure you don’t post links on separate rows in order to avoid getting a lot of SoundCloud players in the thread.

Also possible to include them in your profile here: Tip: Add a link to your SoundCloud profile


Hi guys!
Loving this thread to get to know you and talk about music, and Auxy is just great! My name is Tim and I’ve been using Auxy for about 6 months now. My main interest is making bigroom and future house, and I have made a few demos. I’m anxious to hear some feedback, since I want to improve in making music, just for fun.
I do have a question though: is it possible to let you guys hear my demos without having to upload a track on soundcloud? (I don’t want to upload songs in public yet…).
Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


Hey peeps, It’s Bailey, otherwise known as Bravado and I’m 17 years old and I have been using auxy since 2014 and have been making a tonne of songs (sadly I lost a lot of them :pensive:) but still making amazing tunes :smiley:. Other than that I’m at my last year of school(6th year) and looking forward to a brighter future once I’m away. Anyway a message or a collab would be great and would be very good to meet producers like me. Thank you very much for reading and may meet soon.

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Hello everyone!
I am IVO, but you can call me Chris if you’d like to. I am 18 years old, and I’ve been producing music with Auxy for a little over a year now.
Music production is my favorite (stress-relieving) hobby and I really hope to see IVO grow on the side of my primary education and career goals.
I’ve traveled the world my whole life, courtesy of the US military, but I’m now venturing back to Berlin, Germany to continue my studies.
I’m really excited to get to know many of you and I’m anxious to see the Auxy community expand and strengthen. :slight_smile:


How we doing? I’m Steven and I’ve goofed around with Auxy for a few months but started producing songs this week. I just received a B.M. in Music Education and love exploring this interface not only for the entertainment - but for the educational/therapeutic opportunities.

I love exploring new music and musical roles (here’s what I’m listening to now; so I’m ecstatic to be in this community!


What’s up I’m Derek, 30 and I love music apps period. I think they are the future and the design philosophy of Auxy is at the forefront in my opinion. You guys have accomplished quite a thing. I believe music making/production need not be a difficult and intimidating thing to get into for anyone and it’s tools like Auxy that make that ever more a reality. So I’m always down to try stuff that aims to cut to the chase with music and shorten that time period between inspiration and execution.

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I know your name, but why would I leak it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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