Just dropped another single “Interstellar”. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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So you getting SoundCloud Pro soon? Because if so, you’ll have more space for your songs.

I’m thinking I might

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Wish you luck.

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Aye man you too. I’m looking forward to some heat

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Also man. Check out the track. I feel like you’ll enjoy this one

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Are you sure you haven’t stolen something like last time?

I used a sample that I got from a pack and everything else is me so if that isn’t original enough (because literally every other producer does it) then I don’t know what to do then

It wasn’t even like I was trying to steal the work. I just thought it was something cool for the ear not hey these people made this so I’m gonna make something out of it and call it an “original” song. I never thought it was original I just thought it was cool

I think everyone said their piece on that last time, is it even necessary to bring it up again?


Just to remember.