Interesting thing I found about Tiny

If you choose Tiny from the melodic percussion and mess with the tone it sounds like tuning a radio! I was even able to get some dubstep-like sounds out of it by messing with it the right way.

The only stipulation is that in order to get these sounds, you have to use a string of 32nd notes played at the higher octaves, and the high pitched sound they make is really irritating. I hope in the future we can get a “radio tuning” sound, maybe in the same category as the sweeper?


Sounds interesting. But if only I had the set…


I’ve done this before with a different sound. I’ll see if I can find out what it was.

Hah, tried it.

Spot on. Excellent catch!

Actually, mixing it in with the Sweeper, bringing it in and out, would add to the radio effect, as if it’s passing through dead-air/white noise.

That’s so cool!!!

Auxy Radio


Yeah, we need more effects like sweeper, I think that would be cool for a background effect in a song, or something along those lines

Lol there is a part that sounds like a dubstep growl with some crush


Yea, i spotted that too :wink:

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Huh. This is really interesting and I need to check it out. How did you find this though

You could totally make a growl like

but it would have the noise from tiny

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I messed around with the sounds

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@Phoenix Mining sounds more like a school bell or an alarm bell going off


Ive got a really good track coming out soon that will be using that tone characteristic. Keep an eye out for it!

Here it is:

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Dude, very clever find

I had NO idea you could label with emoji’s either