Instrument ideas

Electric guitars and bass guitars have got to be added to auxy at some point, I could really make some pretty groovy stuff.

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Bass guitars have already been added but electric guitars…

Now thats an idea i cant get behind.

Electric guitars are an extremely difficult instrument to model/emulate/sample convincingly as a midi-playable instrument.

Given the limitations of the Auxy sound engine (plus the cheap subscription price of the app, plus the money generally spent on creating or licensing sample sound packs), there’s no way they could add electric guitars without them sounding cheap and nasty.

Even the bass guitars pack lacks sufficient quality to make them really useful, imo.

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More soft pianos, like filtered soft. Like extremely felted

basically the sound quality of LABS

Bass guitars work p nicely as a backing to sampled guitars for some extra ʒəʒ imo

And maybe other techniques like tapping can maybe be better emulated… idk man

Sequel To ‘Pluck Pluck Go’!

It’s tricky. I’ve tried layering the bass packs with other basses, to bring in the transients from the bass pack to (hopefully) give the bass more texture and feel. But, I’ve never had great success.

(I more recently coughed out the $$ for Spectrasonic’s fantastic, likely best-in-class, Trilian bass VST. So, perhaps I’m a bit spoilt, compared them to the Auxy pack.)

Imo, to really get the best out of a decent piano pack, there needs to be more velocity control, to get closer to the feel of actual playing.

It’s great that they added the Free mode in the midi piano role/sequencer. That at least meant we weren’t stuck in the over quantised ‘midi’ feel.

Steel drums when???


I would absolutely love a guitar preset.
But it really is a tough instrument to do.
I’ve come up with some nice lead sounds that are “guitar like” by tediously playing with the gain and reverb. You can also really get some beautiful vibrato with the pitch shift.
The acoustic guitars sound good for single note use but do not have the right dynamics to really give you a strumming sound. You’d have to play with the volume and maybe some other settings, to get anything close to a guitar strumming sound.
They have some nice options, but for what it is, it will always be more limited than a DAW with legitimate plug ins.

Lead instrument example:
Another example:
Final example: