Instrument downloads πŸ€”

Does anyone here knows how instrument downloads work?
I open a track and prompts me to download missing instruments, I download and days / weeks later I have to download again.
Not understanding how it actually works is getting in the way.
Appreciate any insights or facts


Maybe check if Auxy has access to icloud storage in settings?

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It does.
Let’s keep guessing! Maybe Lenberg will notice and eventually provide a clarifying comment.
My best guess is that is beyond Auxy’s control and more on the iCloud court, but I would love to be wrong.


You could also try backing up your projects, and then delete and reinstall Auxy

I have the same bug, and new version don’t fix it

So hard to back up a project with the new support of iCloud Drive :unamused:

Can’t you just text the project files to yourself?

This has been happening to me too pretty recently

Swipe left on project. Hit export.

Choose export project file.

Save file to iCloud Drive or local device or external drive or whatever. All samples are packed into file. Profit!

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