Instrument challenge of the week #01 - Freak!

Challenge: Write a track using the instrument: FREAK (Original Pack).

Get to know your Auxy instruments by focusing on one instrument for this contest.


  • Use one or more instances of FREAK. No other melodic instruments or sweeper.
  • Use any automation and sound tweaks.
  • Use any drums.
  • Any tempo / key
  • Any length.
  • Any genre
  • Post your entry in this thread, as a soundcloud link.

Deadline: Entries close after 5th November (1 week).

If people enter & enjoy this competition, might try a different instrument next time.


This looks fun! I might enter if I have time. :slight_smile:


Do it @anon73773654, if you get a chance. It’s a great way to experiment with a specific instrument - play around and see what it can do.

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What did you just call me!?



Freak dwells where Fast Spider sleeps

be wary


One of my first tracks used freak in it’s drop so this might not be so bad

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Problem solved. :grin:


So ONLY freak +Any drums?

Yep. Freaky and drums. But you can use a few freaks with different settings.

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Oh my gosh I don’t know if I can do this…I’m freaked out!


Someone had made this exact challenge request a few months ago. I wouldn’t minding going back and adding some much needed drums, but feeling a bit lazy atm

Here You go!!!

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I didn’t use any drums xD

We Are Freak.

Contains: Freak & drums.

Ok added some drums to the old version I made and made the cover art PG. Forgot not everyone in the forum is over 18. Sorry if I offended anyone with the last one.

You used your old one from the previous freak only contest I see.

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It’s a bit crazy but here’s a quick freaks and drum only diddy
Warning I’m a wall noise kinda guy so it’s abrasive.

@anon2811266 @Devoid-of-joy @Bassment_Chemists

We didn’t really get enough entries to form a competition, but thanks for getting Freaky!

You each win a giraffe :giraffe: :giraffe: :giraffe:


Cool bro​:ok_hand::grin::grin:

Sounds fun, I’m in!

/me checks dates on the thread

Oh. Well the challenge may be closed but here’s my attempt nevertheless

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