Instagram for Musicians


but then how do u get dem shaky cams when the drop hits?? :thinking:




Ah yeah, I use Instagram to promote various projects I’ve worked on in the past week or two, just to give people inspiration for when they’re making their own music, as well as providing the community with small quick project jams that I can’t be bothered turning into a full song aha

It is a good way to get yourself out there and have an audience somewhere else other than on Soundcloud/Spotify, I genuinely just use it to show off what I make and inspire other auxy artists to make music of their own, but you could use it to promote your actual songs, as well as a good general way to develop an audience who appreciates your music :+1:t3:


This could be referring to his personal accounts though


Whoops he said that like two days ago already nevermind :joy:


I sometimes post previews on my insta


I do too I always #auxy


Yeah most ppl use auxy hash so make sure to follow that


That’s how I scope out whom to reach out to- I’m mainly a hip hop/ rnb producer so I’m constantly scrolling thru listening to everyone’s projects to find others like myself :ok_hand:t2:


@Tolberto (I always forget to tag whom I’m talking to lol)


Yea @WAVZ I didn’t hear your stuff until I saw your Instagram. Though Instagram alone is definitely not worthy of your beats! Top notch skills my friend… :wink:


Thank you :pray:t2:Means a lot honestly