Instagram for Musicians


Is Auxy active much on Instagram? I haven’t seen much from it yet but it’s the platform I use the most, and I think it would be cool if they updated it from time to time (maybe with behind the scenes things or sneakpeaks)- or reposted artists on there too :woman_shrugging:t3::sweat_smile:


It might be a good idea for the team to use Instagram more, because it’s a good advertising method.


i dont think they do but i know people like @Matik and @Kayasho post videos of their auxy projects on there, it’s a great way for both the artists and the developers to get more attention


About 90% of the stuff on my Instagram page is Auxy :slightly_smiling_face:


I think this answers your question




Well then.


What kind of stuff do people post on Instagram promo wise? Or, maybe I mean, how does one leverage Instagram for promo / music related happenings?

My experience with Instagram is posting baby and dog pictures sooooo… just wondering how it works I guess.


@icsleepers You don’t have to straight on advertise the app. A lot of people love when companies use the Instagram features to come up with a creative, quirky ad. And again @WAVZ, posting sneak peeks of future content and stuff like that is bound to get attention.


Cool so, kinda like how I use Twitter then… I post music related stuff, but also just post wacky… whatever… stuff lol

Edit: I used to have Insta but basically handed everything over to my wife. Maybe I could get a new one going… but I find it really tiring to keep up with all the social media :\


I think social media is the difference between a hobbyist and an artist in the current day and age :confused:


Yeah I agree. I forgot where I heard or read it, but 90% of your time is spent promoting and 10% is production. Which is a bummer. So I’m just a hobbyist which is fine lol.


When not making music I spend most of my time on here, youtube, discord, telegram, and soundcloud so maybe I should just redistribute my time to a more productive area…


We’re on the fence about Instagram. They way it currently stands, it would be a good channel for “interesting” content for current and potential users. Primarily people who have, at least at some point, used Auxy and think it’s interesting. I agree that this would be a good way to share teasers and stories, as well as general announcements. The reasons I’m skeptical about investing, which means building followers and creating content, is a) that I think Facebook is not good for society as a whole and has done some shady business (to put it mildly), and b) it’s very likely that we’ll soon have to start paying Facebook for reaching our audience through Instagram. Remember when everyone built up their Facebook page followings, and then Facebook flipped the coins and started charging you for actually reaching your fan base. So then the investment would essentially be lost, and thus we would prefer to build that same type of following through some channel that we have reasonable control over. Email is probably the most logical alternative.


This was about my personal accounts though… :slight_smile:


Oh yeah kind of forgot Insta/Whatsapp and all that is rolled into Facebook now. Yeahhhhhhh :\


And soon they are even running everything on the same backend. Never forget… Although Germany seems to be fighting the battle here.


You will find no baby and/or dog pictures on my account.

Almost every post on my Instagram account is a video done with Auxy. Either a screen capture of an Auxy project or a video with Auxy music.
A lot of people do screen captures of their Auxy projects on Instagram. It’s where I’ve found a lot of musicians. :slightly_smiling_face:


But what about a baby or dog… playing Auxy?

AUXCEPTION :exploding_head:


I’ve seen kids playing with it. I’d like to see dogs (or cats) playing with it. :slightly_smiling_face: