Inspiration sources?

people often look at electronic music through a shallow lens: they cant see past the crazy lights and the drugged out fan base. Whenever someone asks me how i get inspired to make this music i tell them i work off of my feelings and my instinct. I think electronic music has a really unique ability to “tug on your heartstrings”, or rather tap into different emotions that other music creates and stir it all up into a beautiful mix that can do more than a band ever could. I am not saying that electronic music is the best genre by any means, i am saying that it has the ability to do more than any other genre can, if executed correctly. How are you inspired to make a new sound and what are your thoughts on the electronic music genre as a whole

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Probably one of my favorite thread prompts on the disco so far.

A lot of electronic doesn’t appeal to me–i.e. hyper mainstream house or super grindy dubstep. But a lot of electronic music, like you say, has the capability to translate one’s thoughts and experiences into a succinct and compact 3-5 minute stretch of music.

It’s interesting actually–for me, inspiration is drawn from a lot of places. Some tracks I make are really spontaneous and don’t have a particular origination, while others are drawn from experiences I have on a day to day basis like some of my more recent tracks.

Although, I have to say, it’ll be hard to top the inspiration source for my track “Lost”, which was actually from walking around and seeing a large tesla coil that happened to be making zaps in a fairly rhythmic and melodic fashion. I pretty much hummed what I heard on and off for the next hour or two until I had time to jot it down.


@Arimyth I accidentally preformed the flight of the bumblebee with my toothbrush this morning

thats why auxy is such a great tool to use.It is like a notepad. sometimes a 4 bar scene turns into a 30 scene auxy project in a matter of hours, i love how it drives creativity so seamlessly. I do enjoy mainstream house (to a certain extent) purely for the shallow reasons- It sounds pleasant and is usually fun to dance to. I can respect it as long as the artist isnt trying to act like he just painted the Mona Lisa when in actuallity he just made a song a bunch of people are going to dance to at a club.

There are way to many artists making incredible, new sounds every day and i dont think that can be said for any other genre tbh.

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I’ve posted these before, but my most consistent inspiration is through experimentation.
Just turning on my gear, hitting record, and trying to capture a moment in time.

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I agree with this, but my firm belief is that piano can do anything.

i should learn piano
why did i quit in the first place smh

One things I’ve always appreciated about electronic music is it’s ability to become a lingua franca on dancefloors across the world.

Mixmag’s recent ‘Global Dancefloor’ series captured this well.