Ink On Dead Trees- Devoid of Joy

Ain’t nobody gonna listen, but I’ll put here anyhow.


This is INCREDIBLE. Somewhere between super hard aggrotech and industrial is where I found myself when listening to this track. Unsettling, infectious, claustrophobic, entrancing, INCREDIBLE. You have truly carved out a niche for your art in this community, and I am HERE FOR IT :raised_hands:

Thanks bud! Been busy with life recently and wasn’t producing much for a while. I’m thinking I’ll be pushing the noisier stuff more in the future, sooo probably won’t be posting it much in the forum here, not-too-pop here lol.

@iammane peep this, dawg

DOJ does not disappoint ever. If there was an on beat snare and a really angry Swedish guy growling distorted vocals you would have Combichrist haha.

Awesome as always! :metal:

I GOT THE SAME COMBICHRIST VIBES! Get out of my head, boy.