INDIRECT (WIP) (Project)

Hey everyone!
I have been working on this track recently and I love the way this is going, but I’m a tad bit stuck on what to do. Any help, comments, feedback, criticism would be very helpful.

Thanks :grinning:

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I don’t have Auxy, atm (iPhone stopped working), but I use Ableton Live.

Could you export a little bit of the audio so I can hear?

Yuss, I’m not the only producer without premium!!

Love his track’s vibes. I think you should try making it EDM.

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I think you can keep it chill, IMO. Great track.

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It’s sounding good! I added a couple elements that I thought might work. Just a new melody at the end and some lower chords to act as a bridge, or a lead into a bridge. I work slowly, so I thought I should share what I have now, even though it doesn’t add much. Hopefully gives you some ideas.