INDIRECT- Mayo [Future Bass]

I have loads of new tracks to upload, please please tack a listen to this and let me know what you think!
Any support, comments, reposts, feedback would be awesome sauce!

Thanks so much!

(Special thanks to @therealejoc )


I love itttt, perfect future bass chord progression. Not much for me to say here besides to try and mix it up with more different drum patterns. Otherwise, it’s an awesome track

Also wondering, what sound is that at the start?


dude i absolutely love the conversation between patrick and squidward at the beginning that made me laugh so hard :joy:


What was the bass you used at 00:45? Good job btw.

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Using my samples :ok_hand::+1::ok_hand::raised_hands::+1::ok_hand::+1::raised_hands: this is so sick :face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer:

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Future bass? No wubs to be seen

Not always gotta be wubs my friend

No wubs no subs

Not always needed, futurebass is a very unique genre

That’s why I like it

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Future Bass is the base genre, from there it can have different branches of future bass such as Future Trap, Kawaii Future Bass, Future House or Future Garage

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I see a misconception emerging, and many more to come, nice :))

I’ll take a listen btw Indirect :v:t2:

Thanks, Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

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Grit with highpass up a tad