Indirect - Disperse [latin-trap]

Hey everyone! Alright… with quarantine and lots of spare time… I’m going to try my best to be as active as possible. So yes… this album is coming. Here is one of my first tracks of the album. I am super excited to share this one, it uses a sample from Clarao de lua… and I’m honestly loving it.

Also, within the next few weeks I’m going to share a project file full of drum kits I’ve been putting together. I’ve gotten soundpacks from artists like Anbuu, Alasen, Bster, and Dillip…and have been uploading various samples into drum kits for you guys. The drum kit from this track will be shared as well.

Hope all is going well! And any likes, comments, reposts,candy feedback is always appreciated.

Thanks a bunch! And oh… here’s the link


I love the sample
Great beat!


Thanks so much man! Appreciate it

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