INDIR3CT's Auxy Remix competition


I’m in!


Can I join?


Absolutley! Since this competition is picking up steam, I’m going to postpone the deadline




Do we have to post on SoundCloud? Or are we allowed to post the Auxy project file link?


@INDIR3CT, regardless of your answer, I have already finished mine. Tbh, I finished the day after I said I was in, but was too lazy to actually upload. Here’s the finished track, titled, “Yield”.


I think this is dead?


Honestly I’ve forgotten about this and been busy so count me out


Nope it’s not dead :slight_smile: I apologize for the delay… life has been a bit hectic recently. Anywho!
I shall pick winners tonight. Make sure if anyone else wants to join, you post your tracks here TODAY.

Thanks :wink:

All done my dude!:grin:

the track is very original- totally not more future bass…


Dude that’s awesome


Sorry for the delay all! Hopefully prizes and winners can be announced today :sob: sorry for such a long wait


Cool- don’t stress about it!


No worries


Hello everyone! I apologize for all the delays, however, I have went through all submissions and have decided the top 3 winners!


@DParker -

@Foxlike -

Congrats to our winners! Your prizes will be distrbuted tomorow :slight_smile:


Oh man! I guess I didn’t try hard enough! Oh well. Maybe next time…

Shoutout to our winners! I look forward to hearing more of your awesome tracks :wink:


I can’t wait for the next competition from you!


Awesome job on the competition- will keep my eyes peeled for the next one…:grin:


You won’t have to wait long

Wink wink