INDIR3CT's Auxy Remix competition


How’s everything goin?


@INDIR3CT can I please do mine in G? It sounds really nice ;-;


Yeah that is fine


All right, here we go!

I hope you like it… it’s pretty long compared to the others here right now tho. And it is in the key of G FYI. If you need me to change it I can.

EDIT: I had to re-upload the song since there was a slight error. @INDIR3CT @Tyballs you can re-like it if you want to, or not.


Is this dead, or nah?


Im in :slight_smile: :r_jrdn:


No worries, this is not dead! Im trying to leave this a bit longer to see if anyone else will join :slight_smile:


Great to hear!


It has been awhile since I have posted anything on disco. Well, new phone so…I’m back baby!!!


Are you suuuuure this isn’t dead?


Ya don’t worry, all entries will be accounted for and everyone will receive their prizes


I had no idea this was from so long ago but I made a future bass remix of it hope you like it :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m in


Should be done by tom


So Idk what genre this is, but I did it.


I’m not gonna be able to finish
Not enough time
+other projects I need to get done


This is actually awesome! Nice job!


Is it too late to join?

Edit: if it isn’t too late would it be acceptable to upload a recording of me live mixing on the original Auxy classic app that I still have on my iPad? (I hope you know what I mean…) I had some pretty cool stuff going on that and I was so sad that I couldn’t import it to new auxy


Sure thing! Have fun!


On second thought after looking back I might just remake the good loops in New Auxy and mix it around a bit