INDIR3CT's Auxy Remix competition


Hello everyone! Lets keep things short and sweet…

I have a challenge for you
In this project
I remade the stems for the First Auxy demo ever made. That was first shown on the OG Auxy app. My challenge to you is to take these stems and make an amazing track!

Here are the rules and prizes.

Rules and Permissions

   1. The track can be in any key

   2. The swing has to bet set at 0

   3. Any BPMs are allowed

   4. You may name the track whatever you want


The top 3 tracks will be selected. However, The tracks will not be labeled 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. This will keep all winners equal. All top 3 winners will receive their track posted in an exclusive playlist on the soundcloud page After that, each artist will receive TWO FREE reposts on any two tracks of their choice, as well as a shout-out.


When you have completed your track, post your soundcloud link HERE on this forum page. Any tracks not posted on this page will not be evaluated. The final day of this competition has not been decided.

I hope at least 3 of you awesome artists out there can partitcapate so I can give out these prizes :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun and Enjoy :wink:


I thought the original demo was in F# xD


Hmm, my old app shows F, maybe I changed it accedently idk :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in.


What’s the prize?


The prizes and rules are now updated :slight_smile:


Great to hear :smiley:


I just perfected the best drop I have ever made…


I’m excited to hear what you have come up with!


I know what else is on the 27th :smiley:


Here’s mine:


That’s some nice future house


Amazing job :wink:


Thank you!


Heres my shot…


fuzzy socks.


I think you meant allowed :wink:


Haha yes, thanks for spotting that :smiley:


To be completely honest, the time limit was a bit short, especially considering I’m going to be graduating. But I’ve had this idea for a while myself, and since there’s going to be a little bit of down time before Wednesday, I’ll hopefully have this done.


I can always extend the time limit if anyone needs it :slight_smile: