INDIR3CT - Stitch (Future bass)

Hey everyone!

So I have been trying to put as much quality into each track as possible. I’m trying to cut back to about 1 track every month or every other month, so I have more time to work on each track. I’m really focusing on taking my music to the next level, my next goal is to submit a track to Spotify, iTunes, Etc. And I was thinking of having this track as my first spotify track. Let me know what you guys think of the song, and whether or not its worthy of being on spotify. I really want to create music that people enjoy, and not to spam their Soundcloud and Spotify homepages with cruddy songs.

Long story short… it would mean a bunch if you could take a listen to this track and let me know what you think, am I heading in the right direction? Should I upload this to stores? Is it even worthy of being in stores? What can I do to improve? What should I do next?

Thanks a bunch… Oh by the way here the link :laughing:


that should be my goal with music at this point…im getting there

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I think you are headed in the right direction to releasing your stuff in stores, but personally I think you should put Restart on Spotify first. Really good job on this though.

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Definitely put this on Spotify! Liked the track a lot :slight_smile:

I feel the same way, if I’m being honest. I only just recently changed my music style

You’re always heading in the right direction, you just might go about it… indir3ctly. I’m so funny you guys

As for putting it on stores, I think it’s good idea. However, I think it’s inportant to also go for the “20%l extra that things like EQing can provide. That will help the music sound even better. I’m sure @akabillposters can explain the importance of having release-ready tracks with the things currently done outside of Auxy.