INDIR3CT - Album/ Announcement

Hey all, just thought I’d pop in say hey. Life has been pretty hectic recently, to say the least. On top of that I had an issue with recovering my iPad and iCloud and lost a good amount of projects… but oh well. I got a few back in the recovery, file links, friends, etc.

I hope everyone is doing good and saying safe during this pandemic. I don’t really have any new tracks because of loosing my projects, so I’ve been going back and collecting half decent private uploads. I got enough to compile a small album/EP starting with my most recent finished track I got back, Isolate, and some other projects I got together Including an old collaboration with Phluze. Sorry these tracks aren’t touched up at all, but I thought I’d give you guys something. It has a few tracks I’ve (tried to) finish over the past year and a half. This track has all sorts of genres like synth wave, trap, glitch hop/house, and future bass. So a little out of my comfort zone but… still incorporating my own style.

Anywho I’ll be taking a break form music production for a while, but Ill try to stay somewhat active on here and Soundcloud.

Hope everyone is having a good day, and stay safe :v:


The album is actually great! I’m making one too later this month.

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Thanks :smile:Looking forward to yours as well

Thx man! Would take a bullet for you :heart::heart:. Anyways, all the songs won’t be made in auxy. It will made in Ableton. It’s for the people.


Nice :+1:t3::+1:t3:

The latest beat I uploaded days ago is a part of the album too, so yeah. Also btw, I just finished the second one. 3 more to go! (I might delete some of my songs that cringe me in the meantime)

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