INDIKITS volume 3:)

It’s been a minute y’all, here’s some sounds for you. Hit me up if you do anything with them <3


Yo that’s :fire:

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thanks <3


Yo that’s awesome!!

Thanks you guys :relaxed:

Wow impressive

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welcome back bro! hows life with you?

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Thanks so much :yellow_heart:

I’m pretty okay, life has been okay… really hectic. I lost most of my projects do to an iCloud failure…And Apple support hasn’t been able to retrieve anything sadly. I took a break from Auxy, but I’d like to ease my way back into it. I’m slowly salvaging old project links, and getting a few sounds and samples back. Trying to get more motivation. Thanks for asking

damn bro, hope you find a way to get motivation. ill send you my drum kits in dms, so that way you’re prepared for what you have next!

also, i hope your life slowly turns away from whatever it is that’s hectic. we all are there for you, when you need us.

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I made this based on the kit and was wondering if it would be okey with you if I posted to my SoundCloud as a collab or something

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Feel free! Of course

Thanks so much!