Indigoo - Night Sky

Hey guys! I recently uploaded a track called Night Sky that I was hoping you could check out and give some feedback on. I’m really happy how it turned out and I think you might like it.

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I like it! It’s got a nice vibe to it.

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noice vibes. very wubs & chill

the huge drop u have tho is more breaks/breakbeat than dubstep tho

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Yeah, I see what you mean.

ayy we’re title track twinsies™!

my track called Night Sky

Oh oops
Well that’s cool

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I have one called Night Skies, & I’m checking yours out rn.

So I like what you did with the pan effect at 2:14, but for some odd reason, it hurts my ears whenever any song does that. I don’t know, but anyways, very nice job of not making the dubstep part to dubby, and keeping the chill part as a primary genre. Not too much or too little percussion. Good use of high and low pass for fading in/out.

Nice variation of sound in the dubstep part, it felt it didn’t belong, but it did, but it didn’t. I liked it a lot. Overall great job on the track. I would rate it 8.7 out of 10