Incorrectly Labelled Leads/Basses?

I think Mental from disturbing leads is really a bass, but its labelled under leads. so i wanna know…

  1. Are there any other “incorrect” basses or leads?

  2. am I even right about that?

anyone out there who knows more about this than i do please help


Honestly lots of leads could be basses and vice versa. I don’t pay much attention to the classifications. Any sound can be used however you want.


If we’re being technical, Bumble would also be classified under “Bass” because it is entirely in the low octaves, the exact same range as most of the sub-basses. But this is because it is functional as a chord-type instrument.

The division itself is rather arbitrary. I mean, they classified a Tuba as a lead in Hipster Horns (not to mention it’s all highs :\). It’s mostly on how the instrument is intended to be used, a general guidance on the range and scope.

Technically speaking, most leads are multi-voiced with some to mild detune on these voices (like a supersaw), while most basses are one-voice (mono) instruments that resonate strongly with precise tuning. There’s plenty of crossover to be had, especially when you want a strong “lead” that isn’t strong with detune. I’ve often used Pasta, Crater or Player One to accomplish this.

In summary, don’t let instrument classifications determine how to use the instrument, it’s more of a guideline, showing the strong suit.


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labelling instruments is discrimination


There has been projects where Mental is used as a Lead and works with the entire project. It’s probably determined from what pitch the notes are and how you tuned it.


It can be both

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Never used it as a bass, quite thicc actually

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Oh I see