In The End - Benzo

Hi! I’ve released my new song yesterday. It would be great if you’ll could take a listen:

Great track :+1:

Would be great to hear a bit of a creation and production breakdown, and what role Auxy played.

Thanks! Everything except all the fx and guitars is made with Auxy! Like the drop is entirely made with Auxy.

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What mastering process did you use? The mix sounds very cohesive.

Is the vocal an original?
(My one criticism would be that there should be more variation in the vocal delivery throughout the track. It does tend to feel a little monotonous in the later parts – kept waiting for the vocal melody to ‘break out’ a bit.)

It’s always great to hear Auxy tracks finished with vocals. There are many music makers and producers on here who create tracks that would work brilliantly as vocal tracks, but so few do.

It just takes things to a whole new level. Hats off to you for getting it done. Great work. :+1: