in search of warmth - sudo rm

in search of warmth by sudo rm

give me feedback please

also let me know what genre this is because i’m not sure


Couldn’t tell ya the genre, but here’s some feedback.

I like the drum beat, and use of hour. I haven’t seen a lot of Hour lately. Beautiful chords. Is that instrument in the background Lizard? It sounds super offputting to be honest. Maybe like Synthwave? That’s the closest I can see. It’s freaking cool! I feel like @NotMiles would appreciate this.

Melody: 8/10
Chords: 8/10
Drums: 7/10
Bassline: 7/10
Appeal: 9/10

Overall: 39/50

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You’re right, I do!

sudo rm -rf /*


Welp, on the bright side it’ll prompt you for your password first.

Maybe :slight_smile:

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this is great, job

thank you so much for your feedback, i’m glad you enjoyed.
i used Lizard as the main bass tone, then swapped to Subway and Pressure in the bridge thing i have. i had thought the harmonic on Lizard would spice up the song with stupid modal stuff i don’t understand, though it might not have mixed well with all the other voices i’m using, looking back. should i have used a different bass tone?

That’s just my opinion, guy. Do whatever makes you happy

Life advice from Hexx

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