Imtrapjosh [LMNs remix, project]

(Update note: I changed some things and added more fx)
Well i remixed it because I made this for no reason & I M O U T T A H E R E . okay! Enjoy while I delete this project from my mind. [BASED ON INTIKUS POSTS]

Oh no…

I dig it - this is a cool treatment of the original, you took it in a completely different direction.

Some of the transitions are a little awkward and the mixing could use a little TLC, when the strings come in it’s a little abrupt, but this is a vibe I can get down to for sure.

I’d recommend not leading with the guitar maybe, the melody is nice, these guitar sounds just don’t sit so nicely solo :frowning: they’re so general-MIDI-ey… they sit REAL nice in a mix. You could fix it maybe by having full lowpass and slowly bring it in to when other elements come in?

I especially like the 8th scene when the percussion loops are brought in. This has a REALLY heavy vibe. It’s dark.

:metal: :+1:


Thanks ice. I do need a bit more skill on the strings.

And I’ll see what i can do the guitar.