Imported samples missing?

Well i hopped onto auxy and noticed all of my imported samples are gone and a lot of my songs from this year had imported drums and other sounds. all the songs that had imported samples are effected because the sounds disappeared so, the only thing that plays are just the melodic components which are base auxy sounds. Now i have to reinstall all those sounds i had and try to replicate what i had.

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It’s worth sending an email through the app or just reaching out to directly. From within the app also attaches a log which is helpful I’d imagine:


Also, if you are talking about samples that are stored in iCloud (ie, iCloud/Auxy/Samples folder) it’s worth checking to see if they look like this:


If they have the symbol to download then I don’t know if Auxy will be able to find them or not. I don’t know how long it takes but iOS offloads iCloud Drive stuff you haven’t used in awhile (it deletes it from local storage but can just be downloaded from iCloud again). Good luck and hope this helps some

thanks for the help but it wasn’t imported via icloud so i just have to redo everything

Could you elaborate on how they were imported? Are they still precent in your imported samples folder? Did you recently delete and reinstall the app?

I downloaded this app called “Mega” to install the samples and from mega i imported them to auxy. I haven’t deleted the app or anything, and my imported folder is just gone too.