[Important] Save Net Neutrality

I know this is unrelated to Auxy, but I think this should be addressed to everyone in the community.

For those confused what net neutrality, it is basically the freedom of the internet. Without it, service providers would be able to charge you for going into certain websites, ie. YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, you name it.

The FCC has a passed bill which basically states that ISP’s have the abillity to charge users to go to any website, and if you pay up, ISP’s would be able to either slow down connections to the website, or even block the website entirely.

Here’s a full explanation of why you should protect Net Neutrality


Save Net Neutrality!!! :smile:

You certainly chose the right category to put this in!

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I think I found a new issue coming up…
Quoting a discord server that I found this on
(Yes, it may not be a credible source, and I’m aware. Just think that people should read what they have to say.)

Here’s the link:

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that same thing was sent out everywhere like 3 months ago lol it’s a scam

actually, it’s not



well then we’re all screwed

Sometimes, a few months back, when I visit my typical sites (Like Wikipedia, YouTube even .io games like Slither.io), I was sent directly to this site that freaked me out each time, but it was about the same thing: New Neutrality
I always thought that a hacker was trying to send me a virus via that site, that is, until I dug deeper into research into this neutrality thing.


I hate the current FCC Board. They literally favor internet companies over internet users like us. Why can’t we have nice things.

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what really pisses me off is that people don’t have any knowledge of this. Would you rather pay an extra fee to go to YouTube? Would you rather pay an extra fee to go to your email?


hey there i revived the thousands of Net Neutrality posts happening here

because we don’t give nice things in return