Immersion Remix Contest (Winners announced)

Can’t wait!

Last day to submit

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I don’t think I can finish :sob: im so sorry, I feel so bad rn. ive tried everything to revamp the drop but nothing works :joy:. anyways, great job on all of your submissions guys! I can’t wait to see who wins! :eyes:

Aw, man! Too bad. I was really looking forward to your submission, but oh well.

sorry ben :frowning:

does the submission end at midnight?

@Octave immersion ( ben vacca remix )


Submissions are closed! Thanks to everyone who participated, I will be selecting 3 winners very soon.


@Slash my remix is up. I saw what you said and that inspired me to try and finish it lmao

Just listened to it and it’s absolutely beautiful. Has so much emotion! It was definitely worth the wait.

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I know I don’t run this contest, @Octave, but if I had to pick the 3 winners in my book, they’d be @BenVacca, @The_Osprey, and @AMA. Although I loved all the remixes, theirs were the best in my opinion.

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I have reviewed each submission and I love the creativity in each one, you all brought something unique. But I can only choose 3 winners:

@The_Osprey - I love the way you reinvented the melody and added some new sounds!

@AMA - Such a creative use of orchestral instruments I haven’t really heard before!

@BenVacca - Amazing mixing and I love the darker tone you gave to the track!

Could the 3 winners add me on Discord at Octave#9752 or alternatively just send me a DM on Auxy if you don’t use Discord. I would like to speak with you.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated.


You predicted correctly it seems

Thanks! Honestly I didn’t think mine was that good but I guess it worked out.

lmao fr fr. thx octave!!

Well, I didn’t win this time, but I’m glad AMA was one of the winners. His remix was my favorite.

Sorry for the self promo, but I’ve opened up a remix contest of my own if anyone’s interested. Paradise Remix Contest

thx guys!!!

says I can’t message you

I wonder why? That’s strange. Are you referring to Octave or me?