Imagine - Tropical Original

Hello everybody! This time time posting a song that isn’t on my album. This will be a regular song for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks to Bradley Saint James for putting the five sounds in the track. I edited the sounds if you were wondering. This is more of an ambient genre themed music. It sounds very nice when listening to the song.

Here’s the track!

Soundcloud: Imagine - Tropical Original

If you would like to do vocals please hit me up with a message and I will see what I think. I’ll be doing vocals myself soon. For now this is the instrumental part.

Have a great day!

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I personally think this should be labeled as a remix, because you are using the same melodies as in the project, and not your own. @BSJ What do you think?

I appreciate the ping, @SpaghettiSauce

It’s honestly whatever you prefer! I made them to help give inspiration and I didn’t expect any recognition from them :slightly_smiling_face:

Your call, @Tropical_Madman! The shout out in the description is good enough :ok_hand: