Im performing my first live set this weekend!

Im studying performance production right now in school, and ill get the chance to perform live for the pre-show this friday! Im really excited for this, theres gonna be visuals and everything!

For the production im part of the Stage Crew and Opener.
I need some tips from anyone experienced in live performance ! A little nervous. :confused:

Setup-wise im using Ableton DJ style, with an Apc Mini and a Launchcontrol xl. Im also gonna play 2 when dusk remixes. Wish me luck and send advice! :))


Basically all the same stuff I wrote to VJM here I played live in a local venue!

Practice your set. If you think you’ve gone through enough dry runs do one more. If you screw up, don’t freak out and start over, just keep going.

Have someone take a video and pictures. I’ve only performed once and it’s on a dusty ass video tape in someone’s house, and I’ve never even seen it… which is a real bummer.


I’d take the time to consider how each piece of equipment might fail on the night, and formulate some kind of back up plan.

Best of luck!


My fear right now is screwing up the mix, but i got about 3 days to play around so I guess its more than enough time

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Im not so afraid for my controllers cause they’re fairly new gear but my audio interface is what scares me. I suck at sound and I freak out every time i get the signal flow wrong.

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Will you get the chance to do a soundcheck beforehand?
That should alleviate some of your fears.

Also, take some gaffer tape with you to hold everything in place.

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Agreed if there’s an opportunity for a sound check, take it. Will be good practice to hook into whatever system is being used at the venue too ( ie, pluggin in them cables in the right spots :slight_smile: )

Definitely soundcheck. We’re using a covered flight case instead of a riser cause were bringing it down for the next performance. Not a fan of that idea but i cant argue, thats the least unappealing presentation i guess…

The initial plan for signal flow is my laptop to my audio interface into a DI box using 2 mono jacks into an amp. I think its a little ridiculous… any advice on an easier path? Also what if i just go straight from the laptop to the DI>

The main output is an amp, like a guitar amp? I’m no audio engineer, but this means you’re going to sum left and right channel into a single mono output? You probably could bypass the interface, unless there’s controls on there you want / need (like if you don’t have access to the DI box or anything past your laptop/audio interface).

Blakkaz for sure has way more experience in this area than I, but I think you’ll want to maintain as much control as you can, without overcomplicating the setup

I really don’t know anything about live shows/audio gear, but I wish you good luck, and I’m sure you’ll do really well. I think my only advice would be to just have fun and not worry too much. If you’re having fun and enjoying yourself with the music, then so will your audience.


Probably have someone record the set and post in on YouTube. I wish you the best!


Practice your set every day, I’m actually playing 2 shows at my school in may and I can’t wait good luck!!


Its the stage rack that sends signals to the PA board* my bad… the amp is for the speakers and subs. (i suck at audio)
Im not controlling much other than an effects rack and eq + loops… Just trying to get the cleanest possible sound reproduced

Honestly I needed this more than the technical stuff!

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Ill try to get it recorded, if not ill just upload the playback

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What are you opening for, is it open to the public?

My schools final year project. Were doing a whole production, (initially a festival) but we had to downsize it due to the virus outbreak… Theres a limit of 80 people per show and we managed to sell out.


If your parents are going you should get one of them to record it

ah they arent… the tickets sold out before i got the approval to perform… Ill pray the multimedia team has eyes on during the set