I'm crossbreeding Auxy and logic pro x

so, I recently took possession of logic pro x and uh, I LOVE IT! today however I was able to import some stuff from Auxy and oh HO ITS LIT GUYS! Glad I DIDNT say lit… anyways ill post it when its ready but yeah, just thought ID let yall know


Interested to know what you plan to do on Logic Pro and how people are using Auxy within a larger workflows.

I recently bumped up to Ableton Live Suite (been using Lite on and off for a little while). I considered Logic Pro X - the interface looks a lot more intuitive (and it’s a lot cheaper) - but there are some Live-specific features that will be handy now or down the line.

So far, it’s been a mix (no pun intended)… most often I’ll either play audio into it or push over stems, with the intention to simply mix and master. (I’m also getting in the habit of exporting dry stems - i.e. no reverb or delay fx), as I’ll have more options and control in Live, plus I have a range of fx pedals), though I’ll often start by replicating an fx ambiance that I defined in Auxy and maybe evolve it from there.

On a couple of pieces, I exported the midi and worked with instruments either in Live or other soft synths or used some of the hardware synths I have.

So, what’s your plan once inside Logic Pro?

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that sounds really awesome on your end, I thinking I have a great ear for music, decided I could use the different range of instruments and limitlessness of logic, and even though logic isn’t the best name for EDM I made it somehow work, I may post a brief mp3 or something to show what I got done in 12 hours because thats literally how long I’ve been working on it lol

I’ve had a lot of fun using both of these programs together! I have produced some decent stuff but nothing too amazing. I have numerous tips I can offer you about Logic if you are interested. I currently only have two examples of what I’ve done on my SoundCloud though :confused:. Feel free to check them out:

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Yeah I do it too

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but garageband is free :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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and it sucks too lol


love the first one, like the feel

Not a genre I’m particularly a fan of, but it’s got a good energy and a good hook. :+1:
Could see this getting traction with the right exposure.

As the hook is so light and bleepy, it feels like the body of the track could/should have more heft – be more heavy and powerful. The kicks and low-end are lacking presence and are overwhelmed, especially during the busy chords sections, because there’s not much low-end presence anchoring it all.

There’s a comment on the SC page saying how it feels ‘full’ (in a good way), but I’m not hearing anything substantial happen in the lower-mid and low-end. The production feel a little ‘cold’ to me. Not sure it’s an EQ thing, but might require adding warmth to the chords and reworking the bassline presence – and certainly the kicks.

My 2¢. YMMV. :wink:



You do good hooks. :+1:
Another one that I think could do well with the right exposure, if it was worked up into a full track.

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Sidechain from the kick to the track
Idk how to do that with logic but
You can use a sidechain compressor if they have one

I dont know how much progress Apple has done actually

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I actually figured something out with side chain/ducking , and it had to do with turning the ratio to max. you’ll probably hear it once I post it most likely today sometime

As in 30:1?


Logic compressors are is still only limited to -24 db anyways.

Thanks for the criticism. About the bass, I will have you know that I had the fattest bass, the greatest bass this community will ever know. My ears just got fatigued, and I cut it off at 35 Hz on the mastertrack during production and I forgot to revert it. :joy:.

Its not as strong or as noticable as auxy’s sidechain

hey well don’t forget it so we can love it moar lol

Well, I can’t trump that. :wink:

It’s not just the bass, it’s like there’s a layer of warmth missing.
Not sure if it’s an instruments thing, a composition thing or an EQ thing.

Maybe just my ears though.

Yeah, the cause of that might be that I EQ my chords to 135 Hz to 7000 Hz, so that the low and high frequencies don’t distort. It might be a bit overkill so maybe that’s why it sounds cold.

is a garageband user
I mean it’s not the best, but it’s still pretty gud, especially if u dont want to spend $$$ on other DAW’s or feel like it’s not limiting your actual ability to get what you want done.

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