Im Back (Looking for a collaboration for a tropical summer vibe song)

Hello guys its good to be back! After all that 1 year exam rumble and being away from Auxy and auxy disco for nearly 7 months i am back at auxy and music production. I realised that somehow my music talent is worse now i cant do nothing for some reason? Is it really because i didnt create music for 7 months? Anyways i would be glad if you have any advices for me about that.

By the way if anyone is interested i want to make a collab song that has tropical and summer vibes! Since summer is here you know :stuck_out_tongue:.If you want to collab with me just comment or send me a message.


Good to see you back! Sorry though, I’ve already got my hands full with 3 collabs… so good luck :smiley:

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Thanks anyways :smiley: .Good luck on your collabs too!

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It hasn’t been a year…

Yes. But the exam kept me busy for 1 year thats what i was trying to say :slight_smile:

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Nice to see u back! I really like your name btw, it really suited you while you were gone😛


:joy: Yeah i was pretty sylent. Thanks btw