Ideas for BTCs...(Challenges, Rules for BTC)

Hi! The BTCs are really great and they have really gud ideas for the challenges. But don’t u think that we can give the ideas also? For me, i would do a Double on Genre challenge. I hope @Auxy saw this.

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Yes, bring the ideas! And I might picket ideas along with the person who had the idea for upcoming BTCs.

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Use the original Auxy settings (130BPM F#m).

The only issue with a double genre challenge is that not all people know differences between EDM genres. Other than that, it would be fun to do! :smile:

Don’t the hosts make the ideas?

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I do think having ideas for BTC’s may help locate good potential hosts for the BTC’s overall to be honest.

Anyway, my idea involves making a slow tempo song sound like it’s being played twice as fast, for example a song set at 70 BPM but make it feel like 140 BPM using the drums and the rhythm of each part to produce the effect.

Make a track without automation loops

  • Make a track with instruments that have two syllables only. 6 instruments only.

  • Remix the demo project.

  • Drums only.

  • Make a soundtrack that would play in the background of an emotional movie.

  • Remix a cringy track you made when you first downloaded Auxy (this might now be a good idea though, because some people have deleted their first tracks).

  • A contest I recently made… only use these uncommon or unwanted instruments only: Marble, Blob, Dust, Twig, Secret… you could chose different uncommon instruments as well)

  • Make a Jazz track.

  • Make a track where you can’t use the sound knobs (reverb, shape, tone, etc) or automation.

  • Pick any three projects in the feed, download them, and then make a new track with elements from each song (you are allowed to copy and paste instruments, but you have to change something and give credit in the SoundCloud description). Remixed by you.

  • Make a track with 5 instruments only. 3 of them have to be Sweeper. 1 out of those 3 has to be the lead (or part of the lead).

  • Make a track with four instruments and all of them have to have full tone.

  • Remake the chorus of a popular EDM song (made by a ‘professional’, like, say, the Chainsmokers).

That’s all I can come up with for now! :smile: @Auxy


Here is list of all btc. Hope this helps all users to come up with a new, fun challenge.

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I’ve made a couple jazzy tracks. I will say that would be a cool BTC though

So no triplet challenge ever?
I’d love to listen to triplet tracks.